Friday, June 24, 2011

father's day with grandpa

a few days before father's day we drove down to palm beach gardens to spend a few days with grandpa olson.  we all had a super time!
benjamin was a big fan of the pool.  he was ready to get in by 9:30 every morning. 

jason got in on some water action.  the kiddos loved it when he would squirt them with the water gun! 

one day we went to a loggerhead turtle rescue, but it was way too we instead went to a mall for lunch.   

this is lauren giving grandpa o. his father's day card.  behind her is "her" chair...the one with the towel.  she's such a little mess.  all the time. 

benjamin and lauren were trying to get a spider out of it's web here.  that task occupied the two for quite awhile. 

another day we drove down to the florida keys to see what was there.  we weren't too impressed, but did manage to get a few fun poses out of lauren and a dq malt on the drive home :)

she picked this flower at a little park in the keys, but was upset to see that it stopped growing after that...
next trip: chicago.  end of july!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend

saturday morning was perfect for visiting our pool.  the kiddos LOVE the pool.
lauren likes to make her way down all of the stairs, her latest achievement which she's pretty proud of.  she also likes to visit other female pool guests and chat it up ;-)

 without a doubt, benjamin's favorite poolside activity is squirting these, his beloved "shampoos".  

 borrowing my magazine during a short break...

 Happy Easter!

 lauren checking on our biggest strawberry this morning.  almost ready to be eaten!

 we also did a little watercolor painting in the sunshine...

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

another beautiful weekend

we have had such wonderful weekend weather here in pensacola.  every weekend we have ventured out to a new beach and/or pool to take in the sun.  jason usually spends the first 1/2 hour in the water hunting for specimens for his salt water tanks at school.  today he hit the jackpot....a crab about the size of my palm. 
 although we are far from the midwest, we are still big fans of DQ.  we have two "near" us.  one is in orange beach, alabama near beaches.  we've hit this one a few times before heading to a beach.  this week it was the mini blizzard.  benjamin licked his cup clean!  it amazes (and saddens) me that so many of my students haven't been to a DQ...

 2 thumbs-up for DQ

 after this morning's beach visit, where the wind was up which made it chilly...ok, i was chilly, we went back to darci's pool.  there is a pond with turtles near her pool.

 the turtles loved benjamin's hot dog bun...

 the 'shampoo'.  benjamin's favorite water toy.  it goes to both the beach and the pool.  hours of entertaining fun...for him.

my happy boy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

back to the beach

yesterday was beautiful...a perfect beach day.  the four of us tried a new spot in perdido key, which is only a 10 minute drive or so.  the waves were enormous for some reason, and the kiddos took that as a game of tag...waves chasing them in and out.  jason sported new goggles and faced the waves, still much too cold for me.

 lauren was taking a break from sand building after benjamin yelled at her for breaking their 'wall'.

 a kiddo lineup waiting for the waves.  benjamin is holding his squirter (aka shampoo).  he loves filling it and shooting.

 i try to catch lauren and her antics.  she is always kicking and dancing and being crazy.

 papa building the wall/fort with benjamin and lauren.  

the two winding down before we pack up and head home.  lauren's sunglasses still crack me up.  these are her favorite pair.